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We’re exited to celebrate continued growth at Voltage. If it has been more than a moment or two since you’ve been in to play a game of ping pong or shuffle board, then you have likely not yet had a chance to meet Angie Bartlett.

If you have been in recently, you won’t forget meeting her. She’s one of those people that you don’t forget. We feel strongly about her (mostly positive…just kidding) and have made it official recently that she is our Talent Development Manager and we’re super excited about it.

If you’re not tracking with me on the title, don’t worry, this is a forward thinking hire and is critical for our growth. We grew 54% in 2019 compared to 2018. With the continued growth curve that we’re on, we needed to think about our future and invest in it for our staff and clients.

Angie is experienced in building systems and teams and investing in human capital. If you’ve worked with us, hopefully you recognized that we’re a collection of eclectic, smart, and fun human beings. Angie will do much more than herd us going forward as she will serve in a role that develops our team collectively and individually championing our mission, values, and culture for our continued growth going forward. Plus, she’ll carefully curate it all going forward as we continue to bring on many more to our team in 2020 and beyond.

Join me in welcoming Angie! And, next time you call or are in the office, please be sure to say “hi!” Also–bonus–ask her to sing something as she’s super talented at that too.

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