Skip to main content is taking on the frustration many internet shoppers feel, myself included, when they order an item online and then receive small box packed in a bigger box. It’s usually wasteful and serves no purpose. Almost every time I’ve ordered something online and had my box in a box show up, I’ve thought to myself, “Why can’t they just ship it to me in one box?”

Well, Amazon is launching a multi-year initiative working with manufacturers to develop ship-friendly packaging that items can be placed in as they come off the production line at the factory. But that’s not all, the frustration free packing materials are also designed for opening without the use of knives or other tools and are 100% recyclable… Ah, lazy environmentalism, this is just my style. Bravo Amazon.

Here’s an excerpt from the Amazon Frustration Free Packaging FAQ:

What’s the difference between Frustration-Free Packaging and traditional packaging?

The Frustration-Free Package (on the left) is recyclable and comes without excess packaging materials such as hard plastic clamshell casings, plastic bindings, and wire ties. It’s designed to be opened without the use of a box cutter or knife and will protect your product just as well as traditional packaging (on the right). Products with Frustration-Free Packaging can frequently be shipped in their own boxes, without an additional shipping box.

Also, not to completely rain on the green-design parade here, but Amazon recently shipped a “ready to ship” box… inside another “ready to ship” box. Oy!

Never-the-less the above announcement gives me hope.

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