Mike Borges

Mike Borges

Senior Graphic Designer

Mike Borges is a graphic designer who has a passion for minimalistic design. After graduating Full Sail University back in 2010, he freelanced for a couple of years before being brought onto the Voltage Squad by good friend and fellow designer, Rikki Pruetting. His expertise lies in pixel perfect print and web design. Outside of work, he's a true car enthusiast. From Forza Motorsport 6, to seeing expensive metal at Cars & Coffee, he's a lover of all things automotive.

Minimalism. Beauty Fueled From Functionality.

A common misconception of minimalism is that it takes no time at all to design, or that slapping an asset or two on a white background with a thin font makes it minimalism. But the truth is, while limited assets, color palette and overall distractions contribute to a minimalist design, there’s far more to think about when mastering the art of minimalist design. Read More…

Design 101: What is Kerning?

Kerning. What’s kerning you may ask? Well, most designers will tell you it’s the cause of many headaches in design. Kerning is the spacing between each letterform in a font. Kerning can vary from very tight kerning (letters very close to each other) all the way to wide kerning (letters spaced far apart.) Wide open kerning can have a very “breathable” feel to it, making it easier and a bit more calming to read. That isn’t to say that tight kerning is hard to read, though sometimes it can be. But when kerning goes wrong, it makes most of us designers cringe. Read More…