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As an ecommerce business owner, you know that the need for a well designed and a user friendly website is essential. You also know that you need an agency that can design a user friendly ecommerce site with a CMS that works best for your needs and a design that will drive results.

4 Benefits to having a Well Designed Ecommerce Site:

Higher Conversions

A well-designed ecommerce site includes all the essential components on each page to drive your customers through the purchase funnel intuitively.  When looking at your design while keeping your conversion rates in mind, we ensure there is hierarchy in colors, imagery, font choice, and size to ensure the call to action is being communicated to your customers in a concise and beautiful way.

The Man Registry

More Return Customers

When your customer’s shopping experience is easy and pleasant, they will be more likely to become a repeat customer. Customers look at design and unknowingly acknowledge if your site is easy to navigate or if items were easy to find. Good design will not only increase your customer sessions and page views, but will keep your customers happy.

Customer Trust

A great web design creates trust with your customers. When they see a well-maintained and deliberately designed site, they know you will treat your customers the same way. However, a well designed site isn’t the only things that entrust customers to your company; strategic placement of secure checkout reminders and awards or great reviews are other factors that remind customers why they are shopping on your site instead of a competitor’s.

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From personal experience, I’m more likely to tell someone about a site I shopped on when it’s designed really well. You’re more likely to spend time and money in a brick and mortar store that’s kept nice, clean, and aesthetically pleasing than a dirty, unkempt storefront, so why would your experience be any different on an ecommerce site? In the world of technology, most word-of-mouth promotion happens on social media as well, which doesn’t only create a substantial referral clientele base, but can improve your website’s SEO.

At the end of the day, a well designed and maintained website is not only essential to your business, but can make or break your ecommerce site all together. With a well-designed site, you can get more traffic, higher conversion numbers, establish brand loyalty and increase your customer base. See an example of a well-designed site we created that had amazing e-commerce conversions: The Man Registry

If you have questions, or want to turn your ecommerce site into a beautifully designed, consumer friendly site, feel free to contact us today!

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