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We’re now officially out of beta! All tools are live. Every one of them is free in one form or another, you just have to create an account to use them:

  • Voltmeter – A comprehensive test of any site’s marketing power. This tool crawls a site and reports back on 30+ on and off site factors indicating online marketing prowess.
  • A/B Darwin – A data fitness calculator that tells you definitively if your A/B split testing data is complete enough to declare a winner and a loser.
  • RANDAL – Rank detection and logging that’s automatic. This tool will check your search rank for specific keywords daily and log your results over time. Hooray! No more manually checking search results.
  • User Historian – A unique site analytics tool that can peek into your users browsing history and tell you where else your market is gathering online.
  • Keyword Distiller – This tool scans a web page and looks at 13 different factors to determine what keywords that page is targeting. See what terms any page online is targeting, and shore up your weaknesses or learn from your competition.

These tools are all offered for free, but if the tools are useful and you need more power and customization options, we do PRO accounts, too. Being officially out of beta means that our 50% off price lock-in promotion is over for PRO users; but it’s still a great deal at $19.99/month or an even better deal at $149/year. Click either of those links above to look at our upgrade page and see exactly what the difference is between the free and PRO accounts.

We also host this resource, as well (no account required for viewing):

  • Web Developer’s Field Guide – A huge resource list for web developers to bookmark and come back to when in need of a tutorial, instruction, general information or inspiration.

Being out of beta means everything works, but it does not mean everything is perfect (what is?) so we’ll continue to make improvements to all of our tools and resources. If you have something to say about any of it: we’d love to hear from you.

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