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Why Google Analytics Dashboards?

Most of us come to Google Analytics with specific questions that need answering on a daily, monthly, or quarterly basis. Instead of logging in and navigating through the audience, acquisition, behavior, or conversion areas to find the answers you’re looking for; give my favorite dashboards a spin!

SEO Dashboard

This is the perfect Google Analytics dashboard to measure which SEO strategies are working for you and which aren’t. You’ll get quick access to top keywords, landing pages, and traffic sources. Big shout out here to the “Best Organic Landing Pages – Goal Completions and Conv. Rate” widget.

Google Analytics SEO Dashboard Example

Download the Brighton SEO dashboard here

“Perfect” E-Commerce Dashboard

This dash is great at answering all of the top level questions you have about your E-commerce site. How much money did we make? From how much traffic? Where did they come from?  MVP widget goes to “Top Referrers.” This bad boy breaks down referral traffic down by revenue. Boom.

E-Commerce Dashboard Example

Download the Portent E-Commerce dashboard here

Site Performance Dashboard

Want to know how fast your site is without having to add every page to a speed test tool? This is the dashboard for you. You can dig into load times over specific periods of time, judge your mobile load rate, as well as verify whether or not your server is the problem. By far the best widget here is “Load Time for Popular Pages.” You don’t have to throw spaghetti at a wall and see what sticks. Prioritize your speed efforts by fixing the worst pages on your site!

Site Performance Checker Dashboard Example

Download the Site Performance Dashboard here

Do you have your own set of of favorite Google Analytics Dashboards? Let’s talk about it in the comments section! See you there ;).


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