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Nick Admire Adds Leadership Experience To Voltage Team

The Voltage team and its clients are benefiting greatly from the addition of Nick Admire, Director of Digital Marketing & Strategy. Nick has brought the Voltage team years of leadership experience in PPC and SEO, specifically in the education, transportation, and ecommerce verticals.

Nick Admire

Throughout his professional career, Nick has been an Intelligence Specialist in the Navy, and later helped grow a digital marketing team to the #4 SEM agency in the USA. Since Nick’s arrival at Voltage in May, he’s helped land four new projects, provided additional training sessions and seminars for the Voltage Digital Marketing team, and streamlined the Business Development process. Nick brings his passion for developing long-term partnerships and sustained performance to all our clients. He also understands the value of implementing a full funnel marketing program to keep prospects engaged and interested in brands. Most importantly, Voltage appreciates his positive attitude, organizational skills, and desire to teach, grow, and uplift his team. Oh, and his appreciation for bourbon.

We asked Nick what he’s enjoyed since starting his job at Voltage: “The best thing about Voltage, hands down, is the people,” said Nick.  “We are an extremely close knit team and one that knows when to have fun and when to buckle down.  I have never had as much fun in an office environment as I have had during my time at Voltage.  Being surrounded by extremely talented and dedicated people on a daily basis is another outstanding perk as well!”

We’ve been reaping the benefits of his arrival to our company, and are excited to see where he leads our team moving forward. Thanks for all you do, Nick!


The Biggest Key to a Strong Organic Presence

Sometimes you just come across something on the interwebs that you want to share, and while Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are great forums for that, it can be hard to add some thoughts/comments.

Eric Enge recently wrote a great piece titled “Why CTR Is(n’t) a Ranking Factor.”  I strongly suggest taking the 10-15 minutes to read it before reading all of this blog post.  Just make sure you come back!  :)

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The Adpocalypse Revisited

Last month, I wrote about Google dropping right sidebar ads from their SERPs.  While this was a big change, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • This was not a knee-jerk change.  Google had plenty of data suggesting to them that making this change would prove to have positive results from a user experience (and Google revenue) standpoint.
  • Right side ads only accounted for 14.6% of paid clicks anyway, according to this article from Search Engine Watch.
  • It has been about 5 weeks since the change was made – while there have been several studies done (with updates), we still don’t know anything conclusive.

If you recall, we made some predictions on what we thought would happen.  While I don’t think we can draw any conclusions, I can say that the changes may not be as dramatic as initially thought.  There is also no denying that there is now a greater supply of clicks available to first page advertisers.  A greater supply of clicks may lead to an overall decrease in price… or maybe not, depending on the data gathering and methodology used for the study.


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