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Is It Time for Business Cards to Go?

C is for clutter.

Are business cards a thing of the past? As I was throwing away 50 or so old business cards, I realized I never look at them. If I want to contact someone, I email them. If I  need to call them, I run a quick search in my email client and get their phone number. I haven’t touched my fancy-pants rolodex in years and honestly it’s probably the next thing to go from the top of my desk. How long before business cards are gone completely? When will they join 8-tracks, vinyl, CD’s, zip drives, phone books and newspapers for that long ride off into the sunset of irrelevancy? What will take their place?

Here’s a few contenders that are taking the problem on in one way or another (no affiliation):

Video: Short History of Letterpress

Don’t miss this ~5 minute doc on the art of Letterpress.

“It will die. Eventually. Because people will forget how to do it.”

“How do you feel about that?”

“It’s OK, I’m only responsible for my watch.”

The Linotype machine is mesmerizing. The 3rd dimension that Letterpress adds to typography can’t be beat.

Nordstrom Has Wheelchair Bound Models


The latest Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog has a model in a wheelchair on page 34. (In the next panel, she is inexplicably standing in order to show off her bedazzled-mom-jeans clad behind, but no matter.) This is a big deal, because they’re not making a big deal about it. It isn’t part of some exploitative reality TV publicity stunt and this isn’t a special catalog. It’s just there. Much like wheel-chair bound people in real life. Imagine that!