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Facebook Local Awareness Ads Benefit Local Business Owners

Facebook Local Awareness Ads

If you’re a local business owner in Kansas City and looking for ways to advertise and reach customers at an affordable price, take a look at Facebook local awareness ads. These ads have been offered by Facebook for over a year, but I can’t stress enough how simple, easy, and dirt cheap it is to implement these ads if you’re a local business owner.

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Referral Spam Traffic: The Followup

Referral Spam: The 411

There’s (Still) Something Rotten In… The Data

It’s Referral Spam, and it’s still causing problems in our reporting. In my previous blog post, I suggested one of the few available referral spam filter options our office found. We liked it because it struck the perfect balance between broadly limiting referral spam reporting without sacrificing potential real traffic. All while being safe enough to prevent long term damage from potential implementation mistakes.

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It's Roger's week to blog & he chose to write about the importance of customer retention.   

Increase Profit Through Customer Retention Strategies

customer retention graphic

The Customer Challenge

Acquiring customers is a big challenge for many companies.  Figuring out how to stand out from the crowd and then convince customers that you are the one that they want to do business with can be an expensive  and challenging process.  It’s also important to work on your customer retention strategy from the start to make them fans of your product or service so that they 1) continue to buy your product or service and 2) tell others about you in a positive manner.

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Help us welcome Roger Sikes to the team as Director of Digital Marketing!… CZ1XpD1UsAEiQU5   

We’re Hiring! Digital Marketing Coordinator

Hiring Digital Marketing Coordinator

The Voltage Digital Marketing team is hiring yet again!

The Digital Marketing Coordinator position serves an important role on the client marketing team and reports directly to the Director of Digital Strategy & Marketing working alongside the team of Digital Marketing Analysts and Coordinators. The role includes work on client marketing projects that range from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), and website analytics.

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KC's search marketing thought leaders will converge Oct. 29th for the SEMPO Cities Kansas City conference! #kcbiz   
Mark your calendar for the SEMPO Cities Kansas City half-day conference on Oct. 29th! CQpUPDoUcAAJCh-