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@DCCareerCenter It is crucial for landing a job! :) We probably wouldn't hire a college grad who didn't have experience or basic skills.   

Why Boosted Posts Are Crucial For Facebook Engagement

boost post on Facebook

Facebook: It’s a love-hate relationship for businesses. Facebook has opened up so many opportunities for companies to reach their target audience and grow their business, but sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming. Taking the time to put together a strategy, create posts, then monitor comments and engagement leaves little to no room to work on other important areas of your business. This is where we come in to help :)

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Referral Traffic Spam: The 411

Referral Spam: The 411


There’s Something Rotten In… The Data

Over the past couple weeks, our digital marketing department started to notice a big increase in overall traffic. Assuming one of our SEO strategies was rapidly paying off, we started digging into site data to capitalize.  OH…how sad we were to discover we were being spammed in new and exciting ways.

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July’s Episode of Tech Circuit


Tune in to Tech Circuit for the July show on the KMBZ Business Channel. Each month we tackle tech topics in the news, trending updates, and even some things that aren’t necessarily on everyone’s radar yet. The show has a lineup of engaging guests and news-makers on the KC tech “circuit” and makes for a unique Kansas City angle and focus. Read More…